Original Tea-Box Variety Pack

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1 Box of Emoteas

One box includes 4 bags of each original series Emoteas:

FatTea (Green Tea)....

We all know that Green Tea speeds up the metabolism… Perhaps drinking a few cups a day of this will help reduce the number of dimples you have on your ass?

AnxieTea (Chamomile)....

Calm yourself down there little pumpkin.  Don't have the time or desire for yoga, then sip some of this sweet zen sauce!

FeisTea (Black Tea).....

You want some of this?  Bring it!  This bold tea will fight back, my friend!

NutTea (Chai)....

Ok you whack nut…no one wants to be around your crazy self acting like a fool… We have some Chai to tame that tiger!

SereniTea (Snoozer).....

Enjoy the sweet relaxing aroma of our sleepy tea.  This will knock your grumpy self out in no time!